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What are the technical routes for thermal spraying tungsten copper electrodes?

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What are the technical routes for thermal spraying tungsten copper electrodes?

Date of release:2023-09-21 Author:Mo Yan Click:

         Tungsten copper alloy (WCu) is a composite metal of tungsten and copper, which combines many excellent characteristics of the metal tungsten and copper. Among them, tungsten has a high melting point (tungsten melting point is 3410 ℃, copper melting point is 1083 ℃) and a high density (tungsten density is 19.34g/cm3, copper density is 8.92g/cm3); Copper has excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity. Tungsten copper alloy (generally ranging in composition from WCu7 to WCu50) has uniform microstructure, high temperature resistance, high strength, arc erosion resistance, and high density; With moderate conductivity and thermal conductivity, it is widely used in military high-temperature resistant materials, electrical alloys for high-voltage switches, electromachined electrodes, microelectronic materials, and as components and components, it is widely used in industries such as aerospace, aviation, electronics, power, metallurgy, machinery, and sports equipment.


        In modern industrial production, the requirements for materials are becoming increasingly high in order to improve production capacity and efficiency. There are many methods to prevent premature failure of materials, including surface modification or surface coating. The commonly used surface coating technology is thermal spraying technology.

       There are several main technical routes for thermal spraying tungsten copper electrodes:

 1) Flame spraying technology,

 2) Arc spraying technology,

 3) Plasma spraying technology,

 4) Supersonic spraying technology.

        We provide plasma sprayed copper inlaid tungsten electrodes (also known as tungsten copper cathodes or tungsten copper anodes), which are widely used for GTV, FST, Metco, AMT and other companies' 9MB, F4 and other spray guns. Our company's plasma sprayed electrodes and nozzles are made of high-quality tungsten material, which has undergone densification treatment, fast arc initiation, stable voltage, and slow descent speed.

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No.103, Building 2, Tiantai Jingu Industry Park, 

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