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Future Rhenium Co.,Ltd (WR) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D of rhenium and related products.The team is consisted of young and middle-aged technical backbones. It has many years of experience in technology development and innovation in metallurgy and materials science, and has rich technical accumulation and industry experience. At the same time, the company cooperates with many well-known universities in China to build a collaborative innovation platform.

The products are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, medical equipment, semiconductor ,etc.blob.pngAdhering to the "create value for customers" concept,WR has been devoted to improve the purity of products and the stability of quality.To meet the needs of customers and create value for customers, we are a high-end materials integrated service provider in the cutting-edge field


Main Product:

1.Tungsten-rhenium alloy: tungsten-rhenium target, tungsten-rhenium  wire, probe wire, thermocouple wire, tungsten-rhenium bar,tungsten-rhenium plate

2. Molybdenum rhenium alloy: molybdenum tantalum sheet,molybdenum tantalum bar

3. Rhenium compound: ammonium perrhenate, perrhenic acid

4. Pure rhenium products: rhenium powder, rhenium bar,rhenium plate, MOCVD

5. Others: tungsten particles, tungsten powder, tungsten target

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