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Zhuzhou Weilai New Materials               Techonology Co., Ltd



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Address:No.103, Building 2, Tiantai

 Jingu Industry Park, Tian Yuan


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Zhuzhou Weilai New Materials Technology Co., Ltd (Weilai) is located in China Power Valley in Zhuzhou City of Hunan province. Weilai is committed to the development and manufacturing of high performance refractory metal materials including tungsten, molybdenum, tungsten copper, tungsten alloy products. Our featured products are high-performance X-ray anode target, plasma spray nozzle and electrodes as well as the resistance welding electrodes, etc,.  

Our refractory metals are mainly used in medical equipment, thermal spraying and automobile manufacturing and other industries. Weilai is a high-tech company integrating research and development, production, sales and service.

The company is based on research and development, and has great enthusiasm in innovation. Our core members of the team are the technical backbone of the Powder Metallurgy Research Insititute of Central South University (CSU). They have  rich technical and industry experience in related fields. At the same time, the company and CSU Powder Research Institute closely cooperate to promote "Industry-University-Research" program and build an innovation platform as marketing demand-oriented.

Adhering to the "Keep improving products and creating value for customers", the company focuses on the refractory metal materials industry, continuously optimizes the technological adaptability of products, develop more supporting products in the industry, and provides users with more reasonable and comprehensive solutions. Weilai makes constant efforts to "become an excellent company in the field of new materials".


No.103, Building 2, Tiantai Jingu Industry Park, 

Tian Yuan District,Zhuzhou, Hunan, China.

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