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9MB Nozzle

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9MB Nozzle

Plasma Spray Coating

One of the key advantages of plasma spray coating is its versatility in coating a wide range of materials and achieving various thicknesses. It can be used to deposit functional coatings, such as thermal barrier coatings for aerospace applications or wear-resistant coatings for industrial components. Additionally, plasma spray coatings can provide improved corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, electrical conductivity, and even bioactivity, depending on the material used. Plasma spray coatings find extensive applications in industries like aerospace, automotive, energy, and biomedical. For example, plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings are commonly used in gas turbine engines to protect components from high-temperature environments. In the automotive industry, plasma spray coatings can enhance the wear resistance and corrosion protection of engine components. Furthermore, plasma-sprayed coatings can be utilized in the medical field for applications like dental implants or bone replacement. Overall, plasma spray coating is a powerful surface engineering technology that offers numerous advantages in terms of versatility, performance enhancement, and protection. Its ability to deposit a wide range of materials onto complex geometries makes it a valuable technique for achieving tailored surface properties in various industries.

Weilai new materials use high-performance tungsten electrodes to ensure good arcing performance and ablation resistance, and realize seamless combination of tungsten and copper. Compared with traditional brazing, the bonding strength between tungsten and copper is high, and the contact area, resistance and heat dissipation are more uniform, which greatly improves the product performance. 

Some Plasma Spray Applications

◆ Automotive

◆ Manufacturing&technology

◆ Healthcare

◆ Metals&materials

◆ Energy&technology

◆ Aerospace&defense

GH nozzle9MB-G nozzle

9MB-GE nozzle

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