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Resistance welding composite electrodes

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Resistance welding composite electrodes

       The resistance welding electrodes are widely used in automobile electrical equipment industry.


       Composite electrodes are an innovative solution in resistance welding technology. They combine the advantages of non-ferrous metals and copper, stable hardness at high temperatures, high electrical resistance and high thermal conductivity.


       Our technology: Innovative BACK-CAST technology. 

       The better the connection between the electrode insert made of tungsten or molybdenum and the electrode shank made of copper, the better the welding results and the longer the service life.

       The electrodes produced by brazed contain cavities. Since these cavities are not always figured out, the contact resistance of electrodes manufactured in this way varies, and their cooling performance is not constant, resulting in a shorter service life. We use BACK-CAST technology and able to achieve a fully connection between the electrode insert and electrode shank. This results in extremely low electrical contact resistance between insert and shank, producing exceptionally good electrical conductivity, and in turn high thermal conductivity, which ensures highly efficient cooling of the electrode tip.

       The advantages of back-cast composite electrodes:

       Reliable connection between the electrode and the shank material

       High electrode quality.

       Unvarying thermal conductivity.

       Constant level of resistance.

       Less energy consumption in the welding process.

       Stability in process application.

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