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Plasma Spray Nozzles and Electrodes

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Plasma Spray Nozzles and Electrodes

Plasma spraying is a technique for surface strengthening and modification. A DC arc-driven plasma arc is used as a source to heat the metal or ceramic powder to a molten or semi-molten state, and to spray the workpiece at a high speed. When used in plasma spray guns, our nozzles and electrodes have to withstand temporary temperatures of more than 10 000 °C.


Combined with our company's unique BACK-CAST technology, we are able to achieve particularly reliable tungsten-copper connection. The tungsten-copper has good heat dissipation and excellent resistance to arc erosion. As a result, our nozzles and electrodes guarantees a long service life.


We offer plasma spray nozzles and electrodes for a wide range of 9MB, F4 and other spray guns from Metco, GTV, FST and more. And we are also happy to supply tungsten-copper semi-finished products.


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Address: NO.217 Research Factory, Building A, Xin Ma 

Power Valley Innovation Park, NO.899 Xianyue Huan Road, 

Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China