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Headwind to sea

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Headwind to sea

Date of release:2020-06-16 Author: Click:

The Anode Target, the core part of the X-ray machine, determines the clarity of the lung scan. Before the establishment of Zhuzhou Weilai New Material Technology Co., LTD., there were only four companies engaged in R&D and production of the Anode Target for X-ray tube around the world and no local enterprise engaged in independent R&D in China.

The medical consumables have special properties and the testing and certification process is long and complex. Once one of our customer simulated the hospital to bombard electron to our X-ray target 5,000 times before the product was delivered. This year, the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has greatly increased the Anode Target market. Since the fifth day of the New Year, our company has been receiving calls from customers and we resumed work on the ninth day. So far, the medical equipment with the Anode Target of our company has exported in Russia, Italy and other countries worldwide.

After the Anode Target stepping into the international stage, other products also began to gain attention. In April of this year, our plasma nozzle electrode used in additive manufacturing machine passed the test of GE and we became the supplier of a GE additive company. At present, Dyson is also already our business partner. We are  willing to provide the high performance heterogeneous refractory metal composites and establish the cooperative relationship all over the world.

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Address: NO.217 Research Factory, Building A, Xin Ma 

Power Valley Innovation Park, NO.899 Xianyue Huan Road, 

Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China